Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Jake really was a hoot that night in Kansas. He got ahold of the hose and realized that if he squirted the girls they would scream and run. There he was, a mightly 2 year old ruling the back yard with the hose. He was hilarious. The girls started sneaking up behind him and pouring water over his head... at first I thought he was going to cry, but instead he'd just get this blank look on his face as if he were thinking, "what was that?" Dad's James Bond days are going strong - he said there is a 60% chance he'll actually be able to manufacture the thing... he is hiring all kinds of engineers and they are having a great time all the same. I'll let you guys know if he sells it to the airports, somebody will want to invent some sort of super James bond Undies that can't be penetrated by Phil's evil camera. On a family note, I am officially a soccer mom. Oh God.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Here I am in sunny Orlando FL. It's hot and muggy but it's better than Gautier Mississippi. I was there last week. Last weekend we went over to Beca's parents house to eat dinner. The whole gang was there. Jake had a big time playing with the girls. Phil is working for a startup that's developing a radio camera to see through people's clothes. Real James Bond kind of stuff.
Jake says that to Di every day. Except the cowgirl part. And it comes out more like a motor boat sound.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Quote for the day from my almost 4 year old. "Yeehaa, mom, I'm a cowgirl... you be the cow"

Monday, June 24, 2002

I loved your story about the waitress hitting on you Shan. Randy and I talk about these encounters and now we just get the giggles. Enjoy the moment but if you are too titilated then don't go back!!! ha. The lesson was YOU STILL GOT IT!! ha.ha.ha.ha. It's those big lips - but lets not go there again... Randy is often clueless when women are flirting with him - the absent minded professor to the core. All of a sudden he wakes up and realizes whats going on and by that time the woman has given up and left. It still puts a big grin on his face tho - everybody wants to be liked. Randy and I will have our 14th wedding anniversary tommorow. It is really hard to believe. Today I wish I were driving out to lone star lake in an old celica or maybe an old station wagon with a christmas tree in the back.
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Norman feels lazy and warm today. Nobody seems to be in a hurry to do anything. Dad’s visiting and he fell asleep on the floor. It reminds of a Marc Cohen song that he wrote about his dad. The lyrics go, “He took a day off for Christmas and fell asleep beside the tree.” We went to the store earlier and I saw these two girl loading all this toilet paper onto a big display marked “SALE.” They looked so incredibly bored. I said to dad, “Man that job would really suck.” He responds, “all work is noble.”

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Most local newspapers around here have a way to post a want ad online. You can sometimes choose paper or online for the post and that effects price.
That's about all I know about it.
Joan's mom is trying to sell a car. Does anyone know anything about selling a car online?

Friday, June 14, 2002

Tomorrow we're heading down to LA and then we'll start making our way east next week through Arizona and New Mexico. We have to be back in LA by July 22nd to housesit again in Brentwood, baby. We're taking our friend Jed back to LA with us from KC - he loves LA, but what's not to love? Today was the last day of school and I'm so glad. Most of my kids are great but I get sick of being around teens. I want to teach adults.
So a few weeks ago Joan and I went out for breakfast on a Saturday morning.We walked into the place and sat down at the counter rather than wait for a table. The waitress had curly red hair(that little fetish started with Lynn Redgrave and Julie Andrews} which caught my attention right away. When she walked up she took Joan's order and then she turned to me, big green eyes and said "And what would YOU like?" raising an eyebrow. I'm not sure if she didn't know that Joan and I were together or what. No one has flirted with me like that in a long time. I had to work hard to maintain my composure. I haven't felt that kind of chemistry or electricity in ages. Joan has forbidden me to go there on my own. What does this kind of encounter mean? Is this kind of magnetism important? Is is just silliness? Speaking of relationships there's a good movie called Lantana all about relationships, marriage, trust,etc. It's one of the better movies I've seen on the subject. It's out on video.

I don't know how this story relates to yours Becca but somehow it seemed relevant.
What kind of music do you guys listen to ?
Hey, I'm only 35 too, at least until August. Are you off on a huge road trip, Shan?

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Sorry Shan, didn't mean to make you a year older..ha. I just made you guys administrators also, so you can go in and change whatever you want. We can come up with a different name for the blog if you want. I'll be in Lawrence around July 22 - through that whole next week.... any chance of running into you - Bec
Hey, maybe this will work out better. We can just write, sounds more interesting to me. By the way Becca, I'm only 35, i'm a year younger than all you chumps...Tomorrow's the last day of school. We're hitting the road on Saturday. Jim, we'll be in town in July. Take care ya'll. I bought this cd by Richard Buckner the other day. Check him out.More later.
I dropped the kids off at camp this morning and went the gym. I've been going long enough now that I'm starting to see the same group of strange people. I try not to make eye contact as I really don't want to talk to anybody when I work out. There are only a few people in there around 9am, most of them older. That old song "color my world" came on over the sound system, and I thought, "what the hell are they playing this for?" A few minutes went by and this kid that runs the front desk comes over and says, "What do you think of this CD?" The bad Bec wanted to say, "Why don't you turn this crap off Marc!" But inside I just starred at him blankly. He knows I'm quite a bit older than him, maybe he was trying to play something the "old lady" would like. I stammered, "It's kinda old Marc" He grinned nervously, and went away quickly. I got a sense he was relieved. I went back to torturing myself with leg lifts and noticed the youngsters were having a little meeting at the front desk. There seemed to be a disagreement, and then I hear "Carry on my Wayward Son" come over the speakers. Well, at least they got the right damn decade this time! I got the giggles so badly I had trouble finishing my reps. When I think of myself I don't see a 36 year old with 2 kids, I still think of that 19 year old that collected men as a hobby. Reality check, I'm now an older anomaly at the gym. I finish my workout and look up catching this guys eyes. He’s in there a lot and has to be at least 55 with white hair and really built, the cell phone is always going off. He gives me this big grin. It’s true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…