Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Jake really was a hoot that night in Kansas. He got ahold of the hose and realized that if he squirted the girls they would scream and run. There he was, a mightly 2 year old ruling the back yard with the hose. He was hilarious. The girls started sneaking up behind him and pouring water over his head... at first I thought he was going to cry, but instead he'd just get this blank look on his face as if he were thinking, "what was that?" Dad's James Bond days are going strong - he said there is a 60% chance he'll actually be able to manufacture the thing... he is hiring all kinds of engineers and they are having a great time all the same. I'll let you guys know if he sells it to the airports, somebody will want to invent some sort of super James bond Undies that can't be penetrated by Phil's evil camera. On a family note, I am officially a soccer mom. Oh God.